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Three capitals in one bike trip? It’s possible with this cycle tour, which takes you from the current capital city of Vilnius, through the historical capital of Trakai and the interim capital city of Kaunas.

Along the way you’ll pass through the town of Birštonas, a popular resort with a 200-year old history, and along the picturesque road on the banks of the River Nemunas (Panemunė). The sites and stories on this route will have your imagination and senses spinning faster than the wheels of your bicycle.



⚑ START: Vilnius

COORDINATES: 54.687157, 25.279652


Vilnius - Trakai - Kaišiadorys - Kaunas - Jurbarkas - Tauragė - Šilutė

⚑ SECTION | Vilnius - Trakai


DISTANCE: 28,5 km

ROAD SURFACE: Apshalt, Regional road

The route has some hills, and you’ll need to be careful when riding on the asphalt road sections of the route, as the traffic is heavy in this area. The route also contains bicycle paths, however. And there’s the bonus of the lovely road towards Varnikiai.

⚑ SECTION | Trakai - Strėva - Aukštadvaris - Birštonas - Kaunas


DISTANCE: 112 km

ROAD SURFACE: Apshalt, Regional road, Around Trakai bicycle path, Gravel, Trail

This scenery along this route is varied, so there is much to enjoy as you ride. Be prepared though, as the narrow asphalt roads with heavy traffic that pepper this route can be challenging for less experienced cyclists. The area around Birštonas is especially suited to families- it has dedicated bicycle paths.

⚑ SECTION | Kaunas - Jurbarkas


DISTANCE: 92,5 km

ROAD SURFACE: Bicycle path, Asphalt, Gravel

With its well-maintained municipal bicycle paths, you’ll find the route through Kaunas is nice and smooth. On leaving Kaunas, and heading towards Jurbarkas, the bicyle paths continue on the side of the river Nemunas, and the landscape becomes varied. So does the road. When the bicycle path ends, the majority of the route is on asphalted main roads with narrow lay-bys. This route is not really suitable for families with children as you’ll find heavy traffic on some of the sections.

⚑ SECTION | Jurbarkas - Tauragė - Žemaičių naumiestis - Šilutė


DISTANCE: 103 km

ROAD SURFACE: Asphalt, Gravel, Part bicycle path

The landscape is very varied and beautiful, taking in forests, fields, and picture postcard little towns. This is definitely one for the more experienced cyclists, as the majority of the route is composed of asphalted roads with heavy traffic. There are some sections with lay-bys, but these are few and far between, so you need to make sure you ride carefully. As a result, this route is not suitable for families with children.

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