Avenue Brasserie

Chef Algirdas Matačiūnas was first mentioned in the top 2016 when he managed the Dia kitchen in Kaunas. This time around, it’s his own restaurant Avenue Brasserie which has made its way onto the list. What’s more it is thanks to him that this is the first time that the restaurant’s home, Šiauliai, has appeared on the list.


If you are in Šiauliai or nearby, Avenue Brasserie offers a unique dining experience with quality and a price tag that is hard to resist. Algirdas, the restaurant’s owner and chef, is always on hand to guarantee that guests receive a wonderful gastronomic experience. Whenever there’s an important event happening in Šiauliai, you can guarantee that Avenue Brasserie will be the go-to restaurant for its after party or reception. Although the restaurant’s decor might not be the most lavish, you can always rely on receiving a taste of luxury on your plate.


Algirdas makes no compromises and makes all efforts to work with only the best products, ensuring that all the food served is fresh, every time. He sources all the best ingredients internationally from Argentina, New Zealand, etc., whilst making sure he makes use of the best produce available from Lithuanian farms – bison from Kelmė, regional catfish, beef from Gulbinu Farm, to name a few.

The chef’s goal is to provide an a la carte menu that will enhance the local palate. His ultimate aim – to resemble a Classic French kitchen. You can also enjoy steaks, as well as fancy potato pancakes with caviar from the menu.


Duck breast with pear puree, chicory, lentils and an orange sauce– 15 Eur, Octopus with new potatoes, cauliflower, artichokes and chorizo – 20 Eur.



Before returning to Lithuania, Chef Algirdas Matačiūnas’ career began in London, where he completed studies in the culinary arts at Westminster College. And it was this degree that gave him a foot in the door when it came to finding work in London’s ruthlessly competitive restaurant scene.

Algirdas Matačiūnas is an advocate of Classic French cuisine, and he delves into its various techniques. He gained most of his experience working at Prince Philip’s home (Queen Elizabeth II’s husband), which is also the French House and the kitchen of the Royal Engineering School. That however was not enough. During his vacations he would spend his time working at various prestigious kitchens. Which is how Algirdas found himself working at Chef Richard Corrigan’s Michelin Star rated restaurants, as well as in the kitchens of a number of luxury hotels.

With such a strong professional C.V, what encouraged him to return to Lithuania?

With a wealth of knowledge of culinary innovation under his belt, he decided to return to his hometown, Kaunas, to elevate the local cuisine to a new level. And once he’d succeeded in that challenge, he turned his attention to a new challenge, Šiauliai. He sees great potential here, and is set on educating the local taste buds, as well as putting the city on the country’s culinary map.

Algirdas is a workaholic in the best sense of the word, with an attention to detail that is constantly evolving. Every dish is subject to a process of ongoing correction and perfection. And he’s also keen to socialize with his guests, with their feedback a key ingredient in his creative process.