A. Aleksandravičius

Telšiai Old Town. Secrets of the Town of Seven Hills

Telšiai is called the “Town of Seven Hills” as well as the “Bear Capital”. Bears hold the “Globe of Samogitia”, decorate the bridges on the shore of Lake Mastis, and dot the town in the form of sculptures. They say that if you rub the nose of the Samogitian Legend bear, your dream will come true. There is even a huge black bear perched in the clock tower that stands tall in Market Square. In Cathedral Square, people who are visually impaired can get to know Telšiai by touching the only scale model town in Lithuania. 

There is an elevator next to the modern amphitheatre that takes you down to the shore of Lake Mastis, which features biking and walking paths, playgrounds, and a sculpture park. The Žemaitė Drama Theatre, the Samogitian Museum, and the Telšiai Cultural Centre accommodate all visitors, regardless of physical capacity, disability or age.