G. Kujelis

Rokiškis manor

If you would like to grasp the evolution of Lithuania’s architectural styles, visit Rokiškis Manor. You will find everything: from folk construction tradition, Classicism, early Neo-Gothic to Modern style details. The manor thrived when Ignotas Tyzenhauzas, a descendant of the famous noble family, became its owner in the 18th century. Having established in Rokiškis, he instructed to build a new Classicist manor palace at the road to Riga. According to the order, all houses around the square of the town had to match the manor. The spellbinding beauty of the manor and a splendid park inspired Konstantinas Tyzenhauzas, who inherited the manor, for studies and creation. The owner of the manor, who was interested in ornithology, not only explored and prepared birds in Rokiškis, but also painted magnificent pictures. In early 20th century, the palace of Rokiškis Manor was again restored. The design of Polish architects was successful and Rokiškis Manor became one of the best monuments of Lithuanian historicism. The main accent of the manor ensemble is the palace surrounded by an old park with an area of 30 ha with unique radial alleys. Rokiškis Regional Museum is today housed in the manor, with many halls and rooms dedicated to the manor culture.