B. Belchev

Forests of Dzūkija National Park

Next to the countless lakes and rivers in the boundless forests of Dzūkija, people who are tired of the city noise feel serenity, as do birds. Only mushroom and berry pickers can scare away the birds that have found shelter in the shrubs, grasslands and flooded meadows.

From April to September, you can see corn crakes holding concerts in the valley of the Merkys, gorgeous kingfishers flying over the Ūla River, black storks standing on the shores, and goosanders just hanging around.

In the ancient villages of Dzūkija, the Eurasian hoopoe that the locals sing songs about haven’t been scared off yet, and the beautiful western capercaillies and black grouses dance their mating dances in Čepkeliai Marsh.

Figuratively speaking, if you plan to go bird watching in Dzūkija, you’ll kill two birds with one stone, since you will have a chance to spot rare birds while also becoming acquainted with the unique cultural heritage of this region.