R. Rimavičius

Curonian Spit beaches

This place easy to fall in love with. Once it steals your heart, it won’t let go and will keep tempting and inviting you to come back. There is a reason why UNESCO inscribed the Curonian Spit on the World Heritage List. The peninsula’s vigilantly protected nature, the soft white sand beaches, the fragrant pine air, and the Blue Flag fluttering on the main beaches of Nida and Juodkrantė. This place has everything that fans of pure, natural nature and holidaymakers who enjoy active recreation could need. You can play football and volleyball on the beach, walk along the adjacent pedestrian paths, or rent a bike and take a trip around the Curonian Spit. The lifeguard stations will provide first aid for visitors who are unwell, and the lifeguards will help the disabled go for a swim.