Dubingių žirgynas

Where the horses take you

Even if you’ve never done it – give it a try. And if it’s something you’ve always dreamed about – don’t hold your horses! Once you mount a horse at one of Lithuania’s many equestrian centres, you’ll understand how ancient Lithuanians felt covering the longest distances on horseback, fighting for their country with them, going out for rides and racing their rivals. Horses give you an extraordinary sense of freedom, so try it if you’ve never ridden, and remember what it’s like if you have. Horses love the vastness of nature and the pure forest air, which certainly won’t hurt anyone taking a break from the city. Getting to know these great animals promises an unforgettable experience (Horse riding in VilniusHorse riding in TrakaiDubingiai studKurtuvėnai manor entertainment complexPakruojo dvaro žirgynas).