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Updated procedure for foreign arrivals

Updated on 2021-02-24: The lockdown has been extended until March 31st 24:00. Starting February 25th, wearing facemasks will not be mandatory outdoors, as long as people maintain two-metre distances. Masks remain mandatory in indoor public places.

Restrictions will be lifted for travelling between a city's metropolitan area and the surrounding district, for example between Vilnius City and Vilnius District areas. The rule applies to the six major cities in Lithuania – Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys, and Alytus.

As of February 8th 2021, requirements for self-isolation and testing apply to visitors from all countries since all of them are considered as COVID-19 affected. All persons arriving to Lithuania are subject to mandatory testing of COVID-19 or 10-day isolation. The test must be taken at maximum 48 hours before the entry to the Republic of Lithuania or within 24 hours from arrival in the country. There is a possibility of shortening the self-isolation time by taking a COVID-19 test, at personal expense, on the 7th day of the self-isolation at the earliest, with a negative response thereof.

Exceptions regarding mandatory coronavirus testing and 10-day isolation may be granted to those holding a medical certificate confirming that they had coronavirus and that maximum 90 days have passed from the positive testing until the return/entry to the Republic of Lithuania. Additionally, a vaccination certificate confirming the full undergoing of coronavirus vaccination programme also grants the same isolation exceptions. The documentation must be translated to Lithuanian, English or Russian alongside the original certificate.

More information regarding medical/vaccination certificates and exceptions is available here.

Please note, that additional medical-quarantine control procedures have been applied at all Lithuanian airports and seaport. Passenger control points will have reinforced arrival control, checking whether the questionnaires have been filled out and documentation of negative COVID-19 test result is correct and timely. 


For more detailed information regarding COVID-19 restrictions and testing registration in Lithuania, please visit the official NPHC or Corona STOP website.


Based on the information of the Government of Lithuania