A. Gailiūnas

Samogitia (Žemaitija). Things to do

Samogitians are lucky – they have the sea. You can just sit there on top of Olando Kepurė (“Dutchman’s Cap”) at Seaside Regional Park, looking into the distance and dreaming. The nature of Samogitia is beautiful, and the manors that loom in its refuge harbour interesting legends and stories that inspire creativity. Don’t miss the Samogitian capital of Telšiai, which is nestled on seven hills next to a lake. You would have a hard time counting all of the works of art that the artists who have studied here left the city. Feel the greatness of the Ogiński Manor, turn a completely different page in Lithuanian history at the Cold War Museum near Plungė, and don’t miss the Hill of Crosses. Even if faith in a higher power is not your thing, climb up to the very top and capture the moment. Happy is the one who can.