L. Balandis

Salmon swims to Vilnius

Once in Lithuania, you must try local salmon. Just ask at the restaurant if they have fresh Lithuanian salmon, which is caught in Lithuanian rivers and the Baltic Sea. Fishermen and fish lovers appreciate it for its mild taste and colour.

Every year salmon make an incredible journey from the sea to spawn in the same places that they were hatched. It may be hard to believe, but they find these location by smell, and sometimes have to travel hundreds of kilometres to reproduce. Upstream. They also come to Vilnius.

In October, when the slopes of river Vilnelė take most beautiful autumn colours, you’re ready to watch them. But only from a distance, and definitely with no rod on your shoulder – catching salmon is prohibited during their spawning. Their silver scales glitter in clear waters of the river until November; if you are lucky, they will wave at you or at the mermaid on Užupis bridge with their fins. 

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