R. Linkaitė

Lithuania Minor (Mažoji Lietuva). The food

When you come to Lithuania Minor, the locals are sure to pour you a cup of kafija (coffee) and treat you to some vofeliai (waffles). Of course, this is a Germanic tradition that the Lithuanians took over. Like the habit of eating a first and second breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, and dinner. Today, the people in Lithuania Minor don’t sit down at the table that frequently, but in the old, unhurried days, eating several times per day was commonplace. And today, fish reigns in this land. Nowhere else in Lithuania will you get anything that fresh. The people of Šilutė are virtuosos in catching and smoking fish and making fish soup. Go out fishing with them and see for yourself. And maybe you’ll even have a chance to try fish soup, made right there on the bank of the river.