Marija Kisieliūtė

Lithuania Invites to Immerse All Senses This Fall

We have put together a city-break guide helping those visiting Lithuania this fall to make the most out of their trip.

Faced with the pandemic-induced travel restrictions, countries around the world have been employing various tourism-promoting strategies, from large-scale multi-channel marketing and advertising campaigns to tourist discount vouchers. In line with the global trends, Lithuania, since September 2021, has been offering free nights in over 200 of the local accommodation providers to tourists staying in the country for two days or more.

The Ministry of Economy and Innovation and Lithuania Travel launched the “Lithuania. Take your time” and initially planned for it to span for a little over two months. However, almost 2 million travelers expressed their interest in the campaign, with many of them pointing out the limited timeframe as a significant obstacle. For this reason, Lithuania Travel decided to extend the campaign so travelers can use the opportunity to get a complimentary night worth up to 65€ until November 22nd.

Most of the participating accommodation providers are located in the country’s largest cities, SPA towns, and seaside resorts. Lithuania Travel has highlighted a few ways to make the most out of the extended visit to Lithuania in the fall.


Exploring the invisible part of Vilnius

While Vilnius is a popular travel destination year-round, the fall brings many opportunities to explore the city in unique and less conventional ways. When exploring the labyrinths of the Old Town gets too chilly, travelers can dive into the mysterious catacombs of Vilnius. Some visitors might be unaware that a large, and distinctly colorful, part of the Vilnius Old Town is hidden from sight and resides underneath its grey cobbled streets.

Autumn is a perfect time to experience the taste of Vilnius too. Within the first week of November, the city’s top chefs will prepare specially designed menus with unique dishes and various edible artwork for Lithuanian Gastronomy Week. It is also an ideal opportunity to get acquainted with New Baltic cuisine – a fresh and ambitious movement that seeks to reimagine and put a new twist on the country's traditional and seasonal food.

To help travelers delve into the deepest parts of the city, Lithuania Travel prepared a 3-day itinerary that includes many of the capital’s famous sights and landmarks.


Kaunas, the Capital of Culture 2022

Situated in the heart of Lithuania, Kaunas city has already gained international fame for a variety of quirky attractions like the world's first invisible square, dedicated to George Maciunas, a founding member of the Fluxus movement. The pinnacle of the city’s vibrant street art scene is the Yard Gallery, hidden in the backyard of one of downtown’s residential buildings.

A place that particularly stands out during the spooky season is the Devils' Museum. Storing over 3000 horned exhibits from over 70 countries, it is one of the most unique museums in the world. Meanwhile, the unique modernist interwar period architecture attracts visitors from all around the world and lays the groundwork for the city becoming the European Capital of Culture 2022.

To get the best out of their trip to Kaunas, travelers are encouraged to check out Lithuania Travel’s guide to three days in Kaunas.


Amber hunting on the Baltic coast

Lithuania’s seaside offers distinctly Baltic attractions such as roaming around the quartz sand dunes, tasting the traditional cold-smoked fish, and, of course, amber hunting. Surrounded by myths and legends, amber is referred to as the “Lithuanian gold” and is most likely to be found at the local beaches where the country’s visitors can pick it up and bring it home as a souvenir from Lithuania.

Curonian Spit, one of the most beautiful places in the country, is only 5 minutes away from Klaipėda on a ferry. After a laid-back walk along the beach, the Lithuanian Sea Museum awaits. Arguably the most popular attraction in Lithuania, the museum is located inside a XIX century fort and houses a massive collection of sea-related exhibits.

Lithuania Travel has prepared a guide to a three-day trip to Klaipėda to see the best the city can offer.


Amber treatments at local SPA towns

Druskininkai and Birštonas are known as Lithuania’s wellness hotspots. Situated away from the big city bustle, these resort towns are known for their mineral water springs, mud baths that contain biologically active substances and living microorganisms, and vast green forests that keep the air fresh all year round. They are also home to numerous wellness and medical SPAs. Here, the visitors can enjoy a variety of immune-boosting treatments — for example, a uniquely local amber therapy. This approach combines music, massage, and the healing properties of amber to revitalize and harmonize one’s inner world.

Travellers can use the complimentary night offer by visiting the landing page dedicated to the campaign on Lithuania Travel’s website. After registration, they will receive a unique promo code to their inbox, which tourists visiting Lithuania for three nights or more can use to book their stay with one of the 200 short-term accommodation providers, and get the third night free of charge.