G. Grinius

Gediminas Grinius: the runner made of steel

A long-distance runner and winner of the world “ultra-trail” championship, this is a man who seems to be made of steel. In 2015, former military officer Gediminas Grinius broke the world speed record for distances over 100 kilometres. He runs through deserts and along roads, around the summit of Mont Blanc and is fighting for his place among the world’s elite ultra-marathon runners. The incredible results he has achieved on the race track, in the mountains and off the track have not precluded him from being extremely modest. He does not attribute undue significance to his achievements, and is happy sharing his experiences and training methods with others. “Once you realise what you can do, you will be able to run that distance – after all, human potential is unlimited,” says the champion.

“Gediminas does not talk too much and does not give many instructions. He shares his experience, engages in quiet observation, smiles frequently and somehow manages to persuade your body that you can do a lot more than you had thought.” Mountaineer and marathon runner Danguolė Bičkūnienė

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