S. Žiūra

Four seasons

The Lithuanian climate will surprise you. There are four different Lithuanias. If you have ever visited us in spring, you may think you came to the wrong country if you were previously here in winter.

Most of us look forward to spring. After a long winter, it makes us happy with its smell of blooming flowers, blossoming apple and cherry trees, and chestnuts covering everything on ground with their petals. Spring awakens our yearning for travel and adventures – would you like to give this a try as well?

After that, we have green summers. The forests are full of wild strawberries, and the cities open their doors and windows to guests. Come and visit us when night conquers the day, when we jump over fire, make flower wreaths and wade through the morning dew. It’s going to look like you’re dreaming, but it’ll be true – we promise.

Autumn smells of apples and mushrooms, and is a season of great jazz, theatre, exhibitions – and also modern art. Autumn is a perfect painter that gives vivid colours to forests, fruits and vegetables in gardens, and plates in the best restaurants. And even when the sky becomes heavily overcast with an elegant grey and rains start to wash everything away, we still have things to show you. You don’t believe it? Come and see for yourself.

You will need warm clothes and footwear in the winter here, as it’s likely you will have to wade through snowdrifts. If you want heat, you will find it in the nightclubs of Vilnius and Kaunas – and if that is not enough for you, we’ll get a real Lithuanian bathhouse ready for you and relax you with a massage using bath brooms we made during the summer. Just don’t forget to allow enough time for such pleasures!

Four seasons in Lithuania