Vandens Parkas

For lovers of wet fun

Are you a family of water lovers? Come spend some amazing time wakeboarding or navigating thrilling obstacle courses at Lithuania’s numerous rivers and lakes. Observe life below the waterline on a transparent canoe, or, if you’re on holiday in winter, enjoy the many indoor pools and slides in Lithuania’s water parks.

Water parks

Druskininkai, Vilnius

Age of visitors: Aqua Park in Druskininkai - Water slides 8+, Other leisure activities 0+ | Vichy Water Park in Vilnius - Water slides 6+ (1,3m height), Other leisure activities 0+


Aqua Park in Druskininkai is a must-visit for those looking for some splashing fun. There is a children’s play area with a sandy beach among the ocean-blue pools and spectacular slides. Parents craving relaxation can enjoy the 18 different types of steam baths.

You can also find some tropical heat in Vilnius, home to Vichy Water Park. The Polynesian-style space boasts some of the most innovative wet attractions in the Baltics, a children’s play area with tunnels and slides, and Lava and Bora Bora bath areas for relaxation-seeking adults.


Transparent boats

Plungė district

Age of visitors: Suitable for everyone


Adventurous water lovers can rent a transparent canoe for a trip around Lake Plateliai, one of Lithuania’s biggest. It’s a unique opportunity to see the underwater world of the lake, including a sunken yacht and the remains of an old bridge.

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Wake parks

Around the country

Age of visitors: Most often 6+. The rules may differ in different parks.


Lithuania is a prime destination for wakeboarding enthusiasts. Enveloped by the country’s pristine nature, more than 30 wakeboarding facilities welcome both beginner and experienced wakeboarders for some exhilarating fun.

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Kayaking and canoeing

Around the country

Age of visitors: Suitable for everyone


Are you in search of unique experiences? Then get on a raft, kayak or canoe – there‘s plenty of river routes and lakes in Lithuania, where you can safely have fun with the whole family. Canoe and kayak guides will assist you when choosing a route and will provide kid-sized life jackets and special child seats for a comfortable journey on the water.

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Map of attractions
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