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No matter where you go, broadening your horizons stimulates the production of serotonin - the happiness hormone. But certain places provide an added benefit, offering an entire culture of wellbeing and natural therapies that can help recover from sudden changes in life, stress and anxiety. From forest bathing to deer spa and destruction therapy - Lithuania offers a great number of unusual therapeutic experiences to strengthen one's body and soul.
1. Forest bathing
Thanks to Japanese scientists, forest bathing or shinrin-yoku, encourages modern people to let nature back in. According to a certified Lithuanian forest guide Mila Monk, a forest bathing session of approximately 2 hours allows you to experience nature in slow motion through all five human senses. Forest bathing triggers a natural sense of stillness, happiness, and helps the body to fight off illnesses.

While the therapy can take place in any wooded area, special tours are organized on the Curonian Spit, a peninsula that separates the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon, and in Anykščiai, an area known for its dense forests.

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Forest bathing in Lithuania
2. Aromatherapy in hammocks
Various scents have long been known to have healing properties. No wonder most SPA resorts in the country offer aromatherapeutic massages, soothing sessions with essential oils and other scented rituals. One would think that all aromatherapy methods have already been fully explored, but the Ancient Beekeeping Museum in North-Eastern Lithuania came up with an entirely new combination: a cosy attic, the scent of bee products, the sound of humming, and the soothing rocking of a hammock.

The unique Scent Attic invites visitors to get comfortable in a swinging hammock and be carried away by the scents of health-enhancing bee products – beeswax, pollen, honey – all while listening to the calming sounds of humming bees on high-quality audio records. The aroma experience calms the mind and relaxes the body, whereas the swinging hammock has a soothing effect, reminiscent of the comfort and safety of a mother's womb.

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Aromatherapy in Lithuania
3. Herbal therapy
The use of ancient herbs may seem like witchcraft, but Lithuania cherishes this tradition and has preserved it over centuries. Here, travellers are invited to experience phytotherapy that uses plant-derived medications to treat and prevent diseases.

Locally sourced herbs have long been used to cure various health problems. Today, the practice is still widespread and used in combination with modern medicine. In the forest-surrounded town of Anykščiai, professional herbalist Ramūnas Daugelavičius offers a unique introduction to Lithuanian herbal therapy: participants learn how to recognize, collect and prepare herbs for their desired health benefits, and even get to taste traditional carrot or acorn coffee.

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Herbal therapy in Lithuania
4. Tenderness with bunnies
There is a magical place where dozens of bunnies hop around freely right by your feet. The alpaca farm near the city of Šiauliai has a petting zoo where visitors may find themselves lost in a sea of bunnies. These peaceful animals can be observed, played with, pet and fed. The bunny zoo is wildly popular with children, as the touch of a fluffy friend brings lots of positive emotions and by itself is a true tenderness therapy.
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Tenderness with bunnies in Lithuania
5. Deer SPA
A peaceful oasis in the middle of an ancient forest, where deer run freely. This is quite a common sight at the Deer SPA near the UNESCO world heritage site of Kernavė. You can observe the (almost) domestic red deer from a nearby meadow, and as the visit time is not limited it may quickly turn into hours of meditation. Although the term deer therapy has not been officially approved, the positive effects of time spent with these animals are similar to the ones of horse or dolphin therapy. With the keepers' supervision, the deer can also be fed – even though these animals are shy by nature, they do enjoy eating carrots straight from people's hands.
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Deer SPA in Lithuania
6. Sea therapy
Seawater has been scientifically proven to have natural healing properties, so the time spent at the seashore can reduce tension, stress, and restore inner balance. Without even knowing it, you undergo a session of thalassotherapy (a fancy word for sea therapy).

Located in the Seaside Regional Park, Karklė is the perfect place to get some sea therapy. There, travellers will find the highest spot on the Lithuanian coast - the Dutchman's Cap - with Bali-inspired swings, the favourite walking trail of Queen Louise of Prussia, amber gatherers roaming by the sea, and the latest addition to the ensemble – the Karklė Health Trails.

The health trail system consists of three trails: Red (4 km), Yellow (3.5 km) and Blue (4.5 km). Starting at the Visitor Center, the trail's information boards encourage hikers by comparing the calories they had burnt with fast food. Did you know a walk of 11 kilometres burns the equivalent of a family-size pizza? Walking the trails, travellers will also encounter some of the most popular attractions in the area: Kalotė lake, the Memel Nord WWII bunker, Kukuliškės mound, and the old Karklė cemetery. The health trails are also suitable for Nordic walking.

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Sea therapy in Lithuania
7. Shrek session in the mud
Natural mud therapy is one of the most popular procedures in Lithuanian SPAs and has many variations. You can dip into a mud and mineral water bath, get wrapped in wet mud or have dry heated mud applied to various parts of your body. None of these, though, reach such levels of dirt as Shrek Therapy. The procedure begins with the preparation of a soil, clay and mineral water mixture. The rest depends on the person – the mud can be applied in any way desired. This therapeutic mixture, absorbed through the skin, has a positive effect on the whole body, including the central nervous system, blood circulation, the digestive tract, and the immune system. It can also help treat inflammation.
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Shrek session in mud in Lithuania
8. Salty therapy
Druskininkai, the saltiest town in Lithuania, is well known for halotherapy – a treatment session in a room covered with salt crystals from floor to ceiling. The healing effects of this mineral, combined with relaxing background music and changing wall colours, help combat viral infections and skin irritation, boost the immune system and improve sleep quality. For best results, specialists recommend spending up to 20 relaxing sessions in the salt room. To finish the salty day off, the Salt Studio in Druskininkai offers another fun activity – kneading, forming, and drying your very own salt figure!
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The salty therapy in Lithuania
9. Ice-cold sauna
It only takes a couple of minutes to undergo cold therapy, but that is enough to start gritting your teeth - the temperature inside the procedure room can be as low as -140°C! Typically known as cryotherapy, the procedure offered in one of the biggest Lithuanian SPA resorts Grand Spa Lietuva may seem rather challenging and, for some, even extreme. Yet it helps to recover from injuries, strengthens the immune system, rejuvenates, and reduces anxiety. In addition, the cryosauna is highly recommended to anyone in poor shape - a single session in freezing temperature burns from 500 to 2,000 kilocalories.
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10. Amber therapy
Lithuanians once used amber instead of antibiotics. Due to the 3-8% concentration of succinic acid in fossilized resin, amber has been scientifically proven to bring positive effects on health. Up to this day, amber, one of Lithuania's symbols, is widely used in therapeutic procedures, such as massages on an amber mattress, full-body amber scrubs or amber and honey body wraps, as well as amber aromatherapy, just to mention a few. Amber sauna is even more intriguing – there is only one of this kind in the entire world.

Spending 30 minutes in the sauna made of 3 tons of amber is enough to absorb its therapeutic properties. Afterwards, specialists recommend drinking succinic acid-enriched amber water. It helps to stimulate metabolism, inhibit various inflammations, and improve blood circulation.

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Amber therapy in Lithuania
11. Horse therapy
The mere presence of a horse is enough to evoke positive emotions. According to the specialists at the Kurtuvenai Manor in Northern Lithuania, therapeutic horse-rides are especially beneficial for those with movement or mental disorders. The therapist closely monitors the horse's movements, then analyses the patient's reaction and position, and selects the most appropriate further treatment. The ultimate goal of this therapy is to positively affect the patient's posture, balance, mobility, breathing, speech and other skills. Not to mention the good emotions this treatment brings!
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Horse therapy in Lithuania
12. Apitherapy
Lying on a bed in a tiny wooden house with thousands of bees humming underneath you sounds rather stinging, right? In Lithuania, this is yet another unique way to release stress and balance the mind. Known as apitherapy or beehive therapy, the meditative session with bees is proven to strengthen the immune system and balance the nervous and endocrine systems. It also helps to improve respiration and blood circulation. Since there is no direct contact with the honey makers, therapy-seeking travel enthusiasts can safely enjoy the aroma, micro-vibrations and the heat of three bee families living their casual bee life below the wooden house. Beehive therapy in Lithuania is available until the end of September, when bees start their hibernation period.
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Bees therapy in Lithuania
13. Destructive therapy
A raging mommy's rolling pin, a bigfoot's club and the axe of Freddy Krueger – these are just a few of the many destruction weapons available at the Lithuanian Anger Room. The therapy takes place in Panevėžys, the fifth-largest Lithuanian city. Here, the sensation of inner peace comes through a spontaneous burst of anger, unleashed by smashing, burning, chopping, beating and breaking a wide selection of items. According to destruction therapy enthusiasts, a quality destruction session is especially beneficial before a Monday.
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Destructive therapy in Lithuania

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