A. Morozovas / „Kauno diena“

Birutė Galdikas: protector of the orangutans

A woman who lives in the jungle. Birutė Galdikas, a world-renowned anthropologist, environmentalist and orangutan specialist, is said to have become a citizen of Indonesia merely because the orangutans she cares about are from there. This is nothing more than a joke; however, she would do anything within her power to help the orangutans. The researcher, who lives in the jungles of Borneo, has been recognised as one of the most prominent scholars of the century worldwide, with the results of her research becoming one of the most extensive studies on any single species of wild mammal. In Los Angeles in 1989, the professor founded Orangutan Foundation International, she travels all over the world presenting her studies and explaining the importance of preserving tropical rainforests.