P. Gasiūnas

Anželika Cholina: a creator of theatrical dance

In her productions, this artist tries to address difficult questions connected with choice, seeks answers to them and delves into the deep waters of emotion. Anželika Cholina, who is one of Lithuania’s most famous choreographers and founder of the A|CH theatre, spends alternating periods of time in Vilnius and Moscow, yet the language of her dances is understandable to every viewer no matter what their nationality. She creates a special atmosphere in her dance productions, one that is shared by the actors dancing on stage and the audience alike. “My productions are a reflection of myself,” says the choreographer.

“They are attempts to understand love, to accept and live it – or simply to live. They are snapshots of life, as clear as spring water, where you recognise yourself and your friends. The existence of relationships from a person's birth until their final days, their various stages, are so changeable depending on their emotions, passions, concerns and worries. So much can be expressed through music and movement.” Jana Motovilova

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Scene from the performance „Vyrai ir moterys“  ("Men and women")