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Medieval Warfare Program

Two knights and a squire will show an interactive representation of weapons and armours, as well as some duels. They will explain what kind of weapons were used in middle ages. Everything will be given for the spectators to try on, whilst interesting stories and some jokes won't let to get bored during the program.

Duration: 0.5 hour.

Group size: not limited.

Learn to dance medieval dances

People have always been fascinated by dance. This type of art perfectly encapsulates human feelings, ideas, experiences, etc. 14-15th century dances performed by an ensemble of medieval dancers is a great option for an international or a local corporate event. The dancers wear authentic clothes which have been reproduced according to models based on historical sources; the materials used are also the same as were used in the medieval times. They will introduce you to the history of the dance and the dancers will invite you and your guests to engage in the dance too. You will also be treated to medieval meals and taste traditional Lithuanian mead (midus). The participants in the event can also wear medieval costumes to make the party even more impressive!

Duration: the dancing programme takes up to 1.5 hours.

Soviet survival drama experience

25 kilometers away from Vilnius, 5 meters below the ground, and you find yourself in the USSR. Here you can visit the first in the world Underground Museum of Socialism or to join “1984.Survival Drama” and become a citizen of a totalitarian state. During the Survival drama you will be met by guards with dogs. Having waved goodbye to your belongings, currency, cameras and mobile phones, you will put on a Soviet threadbare coat and dive into the life of a USSR citizen, full of tension and social peculiarities.

Duration: 3.5 hour(s).

Group size: from 10 to 25 people.

Enjoy fire show

Spice up a corporate event with the fire dance of fakirs, various fire effects and burning sculptures. The event can be organised according to a different theme, you can choose from both a medieval and a modern style. The performances can be accompanied with additional activities such as body painting, fire of different colours and live music.

Duration: 15–25 minutes.

٭The number of participants is not limited.

SUV Safari in Vilnius forests

Try out extreme SUV safari in Vilnius forests. It is a great challenge and a chance to learn to work together as a team. You will not only have a lot of wild fun driving SUV but also be challenged to complete appointed tasks and win a price by collecting points at the end of the safari. During the safari the group would stop to eat on a bon-fire cooked meal in open-air.

Duration: around 6 hours.

Group size: from 10 to 30 people.

Escape Room - solve puzzles and win the game!

It is a fun escape game full of puzzles and excitement that will take you on a magical journey. Different themes can be offered (pirate ship, KGB prison, space ship, etc.). A team of 2 to 10 people will have 60 minutes to find and solve various puzzles, reveal the secret of the room and escape from it. One hour seems like a long time, but the pressure of having to solve your way out will make every second count. If you stay longer, you will lose!

Duration: 1 hour(s).

Group size: from 2 to 10 people.

City Orientation game

A City Orientation game is a wonderful way to discover Vilnius or another city in an active and entertaining way. Our exploration games can be adapted to any group size or time frame and can be self-guided or a guide can be provided. They are perfect for corporate events or educational study groups visiting the city. A fun, active and competitive game is perfect way to provide a break from meetings and seminars. Our Vilnius City Orientation game provides a series of points that each team must visit, photograph or find specific information. City hunts can be performed on foot, by bicycle or using public transport. We tailor each game to the needs and wishes of the client.

Duration: 2-3 hour(s).

Group size: from 15 to 100 people.

Scientific Phenotypological Activity

What does your face tell about you? Amazing Phenotypological face reading session to feel amazed! Mark Lucin’s Phenotypology - modern unique know how technology. It allows to identify a person’s character features and qualities that neither him nor his closest ones are aware of. Scientific explanation of your character’s inborn traits will bring a great time while finding out interesting details about individuals in a group or in a private sessions!

Duration: 0.5-3 hour(s).

Group size: from 5 to 20 people.