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With Holiday Stress on the Rise, Lithuania Invites Visitors to Unwind in Nature by Taking SPA-Cation

From the rush to buy Christmas gifts to increased financial strain on households worldwide, the holiday season is not short of stress. To quell any leftover anxieties post-holidays, Lithuania is inviting visitors to experience its serene nature and calm the mind and body through unique spa treatments.

For some, the holiday season brings as much stress and tension as it does cheer. Households across the globe are feeling the pressure of reduced financial capabilities and soaring inflation rates — which reached a 41-year high in countries like the UK — leading to the feeling of being stretched thin. In addition, preparation for family dinners, dealing with crowds while purchasing gifts, and the need to finish ongoing projects at work before the holidays all add to increased stress.

The upcoming holiday season poses particular difficulties for people in this context, both financially and emotionally. More than two-thirds of participants in a recent Deloitte study indicated they anticipated that Christmas spending will increase their stress levels this year, with 53% stating that it would "cause some stress" and 15% stating that it would "create severe stress."

However, with a bit of planning, many could reignite their love of the holiday season by balancing out the rush leading up to them with adequate rest afterward. A trip abroad after busy December could help ease fatigue and anxiety, and Lithuania — with its close ties to nature and innovative wellness culture — might be the best destination to relax.

Lithuania — harnessing nature for quality rest

Lithuania Travel — the national tourism development agency — says there is no better time to feel the country’s calm character than after the marathon of Christmas.The X-mas-stress? Let it out in Lithuania! campaign invites visitors to unwind after the holiday rush in its stress-free environment. From entire spa towns dedicated to the crafts of massage, therapy, and saunas to the immersive natural landscapes that surround them, Lithuania offers high-quality rest that could rejuvenate even Santa Claus after a round-the-world sleigh ride.

“We recognize how many people often feel drained after the holidays, having had to deal with spending money on gifts, preparing for Christmas parties, and rushing to get everything done on time. As such, rest might just be the best gift one can give themselves this year,” said Dovilė Seliukė, Head of Marketing and Communications at Lithuania Travel. “Lithuania is an ideal location to do just that — tranquil nature and spa professionals will make sure that visitors can look back on this holiday season with cheer.”

Lithuanian nature — with its fresh air and tranquility — is the best medicine when feeling stifled by the fast pace of the Holidays. Using the country’s wealth of natural medicinal resources — including amber, pine trees, mineral waters, and more — the country’s wellness centers harness the gifts of local flora to restore harmony to weary travelers. Some forms of therapy still used today, like using fossilized tree resin in medicinal rituals, stretch as far back as 2000-1800 BC.

So many wellness traditions have become part of everyday life in Lithuania that entire towns — such as Druskininkai and Birštonas — are dedicated to the craft. Locally-renowned spas use mineral water from local sources that are high in sulfates, calcium, and magnesium to provide treatments. To enhance the sense of relaxation, baths are infused with a variety of ingredients, from peaceful lavender to energizing pine. This is only part of a wider wellness culture that uses mud baths, saunas, pools, and massages to achieve true relaxation. Whether visited alone or with a family, Lithuanian spas help reconnect with one’s inner self.

These natural remedies for stress are peppered across the whole of Lithuania, waiting to be harnessed for a well-rested start of the new year.