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Sprint into Lithuanian spring for new attractions and world-class discoveries

London, 20 March 2024 –Lithuania in spring offers myriad new experiences sprouting from the capital of Vilnius, eye-catching Kaunas and Alytus venerable vineyards. Mild spells of sunshine and oxygen enriched air unleash a culminating mix of quirky and quintessential, ranging from the scenic saunas, edgy walks, love-struck mysteries, unique stays and even a little Versailles perfectly matched to versatile tastes.

Sauna in a former jail

Lukiškės 2.0 in Vilnius - a former jail, now - a hub for music, art, and entertainment. This year, it also reinvents into a sensory sauna experience. The igloo-shaped sauna "Vytautas beats the gong" will be waiting for sauna enthusiasts here until May and may even become a permanent home.

In this unconventional setting, not only hot steam and an ice-water bath, but also themed programs by professional bathers await. The new sauna "Vytautas beats the gong" is already open in the heart of Vingis Park, and this year the steam will also rise on a special pontoon in the Neris River.

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Walk the edge of the TV tower in Vilnius

How about a walk on the edge of the Vilnius TV tower 170 meters (about 557.74 ft) above ground? Vilnius TV Tower invites you to one of the most memorable adventures!

A short briefing and you are ready to experience the windy freedom and breathtaking views of the capital of Lithuania.

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The 'Secret Love' of Sigismund Augustus and Barbara Radziwill in Vilnius!

In the 16th century, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, King Sigismund Augustus of Poland, and Barbara Radziwill, Queen of Poland, had a scandalous and dramatic love story that inspired artists across eras. Follow the path of 'Secret Love' through the key locations in Vilnius where the famous couple lived, loved, and faced resistance. The audio guide, narrated as if by Barbara Radziwill herself, takes you to her birthplace, her romantic moments, and the tragic end. Join the romantic journey with 21 stops which even intertwines Lithuanian and American royalty. Caroline Lee Bovier, sister of former First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy wed Stanisław Albrecht Radziwiłł

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The Largest Historical Car Collection in Vilnius

Discover a world-class historical car museum located in the legendary Vilnius taxi park, just beyond the old town. This expansive collection, the largest in Lithuania, showcases over 100 cars representing the evolution of automobiles from the earliest motor vehicles to contemporary supercars. These unique and exclusive exhibits not only narrate their own stories but also transport you to significant moments in world history. Don't miss the chance to sit in the historical 'Delage' or experience a journey with the King of Nepal, along with cars beloved by personalities like Coco Chanel, Paul McCartney, and A. Einstein, including the iconic Hispano Suiza model.

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Lithuanian vineyards

Uncork a wine escape like no other in the vineyards creating unexpected undertones of cherries, apples, currants, blueberries, quince, lingonberries, sea buckthorn, strawberries and even tomatoes. You may sample tantalizing new tastes in „Miella vyninėje“ vineyard located in the Alytus region. In 2024, it is planned to hold educational tastings "Get to know Lithuanian wine" in this vineyard on the rise surrounded by 5,000 vines.

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Overnight in a broken bed

Have you ever heard of a very bad hotel in Kaunas? The creators of the very bad hotel in Žaliakalnis, a hotel with an exclusive style, will soon open doors to a new hotel called Broken bed. According to Kaunas IN, the sibling of Very Bad Hotel will be housed in a house reminiscent of the Adams family residence, propelling Kaunas into a city of memorable experiences.

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Little Versailles in Vilnius

The Grand Hetman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Governor of Vilnius, K.J. Sapiega, marked the gilded age of Lithuania. The uncrowned rulers also elevated 17th-century residence in Antakalnis to an iconic status, and suitably nicknamed 'Little Versailles.' Sapiega Palace (Vilnius) will reopen, and get new lease of life, early this spring.

The palace, which will operate as a branch of the Contemporary Art Centre, will include a concoction of cultural festivities. From concert, conference, and video screening rooms to exhibition spaces for educational activities, embellished with both a café and a reading room. Guided tours will provide a historic immersion into the palace and its artistic heritage, including value and restorative process of frescoes, wall, mouldings, and ceiling decorations.

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