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Lithuania Travel launches subversive AI-assisted campaign

Artificial Intelligence tools have changed the way we see forever. Prompted by simple instructions, AI suites like Stable Diffusion and DALL-E can generate entire galleries of imaginary places – castles in the sky, underwater palaces and fairytale villages. By feeding the AI tool (Midjourney in this case) images from Lithuania, the country’s national tourism board generated a series of surreal posters that re-imagine landscapes, cityscapes and even the signature cold pink soup. The results inspired a new promotional campaign for the 2023 tourist season.

The campaign itself is a result of co-creation – a creative process involving skilled designers and a creative AI tool. During the preparation stage, hundreds of images were created prompting the AI to imagine Lithuania in the past, the near future, and in surreal tones. While a trained eye will definitely notice such recognisable images as St. Anne’s Church in Vilnius, the prompts actually didn’t feature specific landmarks. Thus, the images are a true amalgamation of all possible depictions of Lithuania.

While AI can imitate things that are already great, beautiful and inspiring, it takes a person to experience it. This is the main message of the campaign, launched under the “Lithuania – an experience to share” slogan.

The campaign invites people from four target markets – Germany, Poland, the UK and Israel – to visit Lithuania and take part in experiences worth sharing. The campaign uses digital advertising means, OOH advertising in 11 cities, including London and Tel Aviv, and social media to communicate the message to the audience.

“This season, we are inviting travellers to co-create their own experiences together with us, just like we co-created these surreal images with an AI helper. We want to show that Lithuania is an experience in and of itself – inspirational, beautiful, exciting and tasty, depending on what you’re looking for. For some, this experience will be a hot-air balloon flight, for some – a street art tour, and for others – a fine dining tasting of local flavours ,” says Dovilė Seliukė, Head of Tourism Marketing and Communication Department.

In 2022, twice as many international tourists visited Lithuania as the year before. Last year, 1.15 million foreign tourists travelled to Lithuania for at least one overnight stay. Travellers from the 4 priority inbound tourism markets – Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom and Israel – accounted for 32% of all arrivals.

The vast majority (93%) of international tourists who visited Lithuania in the summer of 2022 rated their overall impression of the country as positive.