A. Aleksandravičius

Urban tourism

Ready for urban tourism? One, two, three... run! From everyday life, from habits, from people who know you, and from yourself when you no longer want to look in the mirror. Our towns are the perfect place to run away: we are in the middle of Europe, and whether you come by plane, train, or even bus or car – the trip won’t take long. We appreciate good culture, good food, and a city vibrating with good emotions. Are you ready for an adventure? 


Vilnius makes your head spin. This city’s extraordinary spirit catches you, draws you in, and invites you to explore it day and night. The mysterious courtyards of the Old Town and the sculptures that dwell there, the centuries-old architectural details, the waters of the two rivers babbling in the middle of the city, the green parks and garden shade, and the lively streets that never sleep, where strangers become acquaintances and what is foreign becomes your own. You can’t plan Vilnius – you have to love Vilnius.

The perfect getaway plan is this: you fly into Vilnius Airport. You reach the Old Town in 20 minutes. You get settled into a charming apartment overlooking the red roofs of Vilnius, and an hour later you’re drinking coffee in one of the countless cafés and are ready to conquer the city. Vilnius will be an easy conquest – with its celebrations and festivals, art galleries and theatre and concert halls, elegant local boutiques, modern and stylish hotels, luxury restaurants and street food, and night clubs and tiny bars.