Souvenirs from Lithuania

Beautiful souvenirs from Lithuania are part of our heart. And more than anything, we would like you to bring back a feeling as a souvenir from our country. Who knows where it will be hidden – in a small piece of amber, in a piece of jewellery created by one of our talented designers, in an old bowl made in the forest of Dzūkija, in a loaf of fragrant bread, in a jar of honey, in wool gloves covered with beautiful designs by someone’s grandmother, or in a wood carving created in the workshop of a local artisan. We are a simple people, but everything here is real. Take home the best of what we have.

Lithuanian design and boutiques

In this world full of things, Lithuanians are spreading their wings of creativity. They are looking for their place – their window – and telling their story to those who want to touch real things. And that is what Lithuanian design is. A natural linen tablecloth that will remind you of our hospitality and attention every time you spread it on the table. A form-fitting linen dress that will preserve the scent of Lithuania for a long time to come, handmade shoes that will take you from Lithuania to the edge of the world, and a wool wrap that will keep warm when you have bad weather in Tokyo, Barcelona, Copenhagen or Reykjavik. Modern lighting, non-traditional furniture, guitars, scooters that have already made a name worldwide, clothing inspired by Baltic tradition, minimalist accessories – Lithuanian design is becoming a phenomenon that is competing on equal grounds with world-renowned brands. Nevertheless, Lithuanian designers have their own character. We play with a muted, reserved colour scheme, we search for the scents of our land, we taste the seasons, and we invite you to appreciate and admire it all, and look for what warms your heart at Lithuanian design shops and Lithuanian boutiques. Lithuanian design maps in Vilnius and Kaunas.

Unique Lithuanian products

We offer you things that are real. Unique Lithuanian products are made without additives and with plenty of love. Things for which the recipes and techniques have survived over the centuries right up until this very day. We offer you what we eat ourselves, what we admire, and what we use to embellish our environment and ourselves. Real things are always delicious!