M. K. Čiurlionis. Pasaka „Karalių pasaka“ (Fairy Tale of Kings) | A. Baltėno nuotr.


There are so many museums in Lithuania waiting to tell their stories. Magnificent museums located in castles that evoke the country’s glorious past, and small museums that are nurtured in earnest by the local communities. Museums that showcase valuable art collections and intrigue you with the most unexpected exhibits. Museums that take pride in their huge archives, and museums that teach in the most innovative ways – the more than a hundred museums operating in Lithuania will astonish you with their diversity.

The most popular museums

The museums that are favourites among locals and visitors alike invite you to stop by.

Innovative museums

Discover museums that offer new, interactive forms of education and cutting-edge technologies!

Art museums

You will find works by Lithuania’s most prominent and interesting artists at the country’s best art museums and galleries.

Off-beat museums

Lithuanian museums will surprise you with unique and unconventional exhibits, some of which are unparalleled in the world!

History museums

When visiting museums, try to flip through the different pages of Lithuania’s past – ones that recall both the greatness of the country as well as the painful stages of its history.

Family oriented museums

These are spaces where you can play, discover, learn, find out, and experience. The young discoverers eagerly wait for adults to take them by the hand and show them the world full of interesting things. Lithuanian museums widely open the doors to families with children, teachers and their pupils, everybody who is ready to travel to the broad world of knowledge.

Open-air expositions

Summer is the time of year to be outside and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful natural surroundings. Lithuania has numerous open-air museums where you can take in culture and art while doing just that!