Š.Zurba / "Proud of Lithuania: A Fairy Tale by Sweet Root"

Lithuanian products

We offer you things that are real. Lithuanian food products are made without additives and with plenty of love. Things for which the recipes and techniques have survived over the centuries right up until this very day. We offer you what we eat ourselves, what we admire, and what we use to embellish our environment and ourselves. Real things are always delicious!


A small jar of magical golden honey could tell the glorious history of our country that spans over the millenniums. Fragrant with sow thistles, linden blossoms and heather, honey is our greatest treasure, brought drop by drop from our clean forests, meadows and gardens. For our health and happiness and yours.


Have you heard about šakotis? More than a dessert. A special souvenir, thousands of which travel from Lithuania to foreign countries every year. During holidays, this huge cake covered with branches always graces our tables. Even people holding modern celebrations always end the evening with this delicious treat made according a recipe that monks developed in the 15th century. Seeing how it is made is also worthwhile, and there are bakers in Lithuanian villages who are happy to show you the complicated process.

Black bread

Do you know what Lithuanians miss the most when they are away from home? Black rye bread made without yeast in a real oven. We can’t imagine our table without black bread, and the traditional bread recipes pass from home to home, from family to family. Our rye bread has been recognised as part of our national heritage. Be sure to try it, and bring some home for your family. We have no doubt that it will be a hit.

Apple cheese

You need a lot of patience to make this marbleised memory of autumn. You have to spend hours at the stove for apple cheese to come out the way our great-grandparents made it as far back as the 17th century – soft, fragrant and sweet. A piece of this delicacy that neither children nor adults can resist is one of the best souvenirs around. Consider adding a natural linen towel to make sure it reaches the recipient safely.


It has a lot of names in Lithuania, but the meaning is always the same. Skilandis is a sausage made of choice meat pressed into a pig’s stomach or bladder, seasoned with bacon and spices, smoked in a smokehouse with alder or juniper wood and sometimes a bit cold smoked and then dried and matured for a long time. It might not sound all that gourmet, but the flavour is amazing. And if you add a slice of black bread and a cucumber or a tomato fresh-picked from the garden... It’ll melt in your mouth!

Cottage cheese

To spice up your dishes Lithuania's unique cottage cheese is not only suitable for sandwiches, Try to add it to salad instead of mozzarella, use it to season other snacks, or flavour it with spices, wrap it in foil and bake it in the oven. Numerous Lithuanian dairies produce excellent quality cheeses from cow, goat and sheep milk, and some of them still strictly follow all the ancient traditions of production, including tasting tours. Do not miss the chance to discoverf this different cheese!