D. Matvejev

Concert halls

Music is a good travel companion. Good music leaves twice as many impressions. In Lithuania, we know how to appreciate it, so if there is a concert in your travel plans, be sure to arrange tickets in advance. And don’t be surprised if you find a world-famous musician at one of the many concert halls. They like the Lithuanian audience.

Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society

This is building of remarkable beauty in the middle of the Vilnius Old Town where music has sounded since the very beginning of the 20th century. Birutė – the first Lithuanian opera – premiered here in 1906, and today the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society is famous for having the best orchestras, wonderful symphony, chamber and jazz concerts, world-famous guests, and time-honoured traditions.

Vilnius Congress Hall

Symphony and chamber music concerts, opera performances, jazz and popular music, contemporary music festivals, and symphony afternoons for children. With a seating capacity of 1,000, Vilnius Congress Hall is popular among the residents of the capital as a place where you can enjoy an amazing range of various styles and genres of music. Vilnius Congress Hall is home to the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra and its artistic director – the charismatic, world-renowned conductor Gintaras Rinkevičius.

Kaunas State Philharmonic Society

The former Ministry of Justice and the Parliament, which features Art Deco elements, now hosts famous Lithuanian and foreign classical music performers. After eight decades, the building was renovated and modernised and now has new spaces for extraordinary artistic performances.

Klaipėda Concert Hall

Since the 19th century, the historical hall of the Klaipėda riflemen’s organisation was the biggest in the city and competed successfully with the local theatre. Today, the Klaipėda Concert Hall hosts international festivals as well as Lithuanian records – musicians from 100 different countries played together as part of the “Orchestra of 100 Cellos” during the Klaipėda International Cello Festival. They were conducted by the world-renowned conductor David Geringas.

Palanga Concert Hall

Palanga isn’t only for holidaymakers – it has long been a Mecca for artists in summer as well. The multi-functional concert hall, which is equipped with modern acoustic technology and can seat more than 2,000 guests, invites classical, contemporary and popular music fans.