Kino pavasaris


The cinema, when it’s raining. The cinema, when you’re sad. The cinema, when you want to hold someone’s hand. The cinema, when life needs some flavour. And when you just don’t know what to do. So let’s go to the cinema!

Forum Cinemas

Forum Cinemas has locations in Vilnius and Lithuania’s other major cities. Forum Cinemas Vingis is one of the most modern cinema complexes in the Baltic States and even Europe. With 11 screens, this complex shows the latest movies and hosts the largest international film festivals. The cinema complex doesn’t limit itself to Hollywood – it also shows non-commercial films and is a place where the world’s most beautiful opera and ballet performances come to life on the big screen.


Multikino is more than a cinema. So say the founders of the cinema, who offer visitors seven modernly equipped theatres as well as a multitude of the newest films, events and conferences. The complex hosts movie premieres and is also a popular place for children to celebrate their birthdays with friends.


Pasaka is a cinema in the very heart of the Vilnius Old Town. Its founders assure their viewers that all of the films are hand-picked with heart. The better the film, the better the experience. This is what they say, and they invite viewers not only to come to the cinema, but also to take part in educational programmes, discussions and festivals. In summer, the cinema moves from inside the theatre to the most beautiful courtyards of the city, under the stars.


One of the few cinemas in the country where you can feel the spirit of the time. The theatre focuses on European cinematography and art house films, and also organises cinema classics programmes, thematic cycles, meetings with film makers, and educational programmes for children. At the Skalvija Film Academy, young people study cinema art theory and practice.


If you have already discovered and fallen in love with this chain of cinemas in Latvia or Estonia, look for Cinamon at the MEGA Shopping and Leisure Centre in Kaunas. This cinema always has something to offer for people who love good film. Interesting competitions and games also take place here regularly. The cinema complex features state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment and comfortable chairs for viewers.

Romuva Cinema

Steeped in history and nostalgia, this cinema is in the very heart of Kaunas, on Laisvės Alėja. After being given a new breath, this, the only historical cinema operating in the city, offers viewers films as well as events, festivals, concerts and performances. In summer, the cinema moves outside and shows its viewers the best films in the fresh air, with Kaunas Castle in the background.