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Travel in Lithuania

We invite you to take a trip around our country during all four seasons. A trip that will help you discover authentic things and allow you to plunge into memories and maybe return to your childhood. We want to convey the feeling and flavour of Lithuania, the Baltic Sea blanketed with amber, the view from the Great Dune on the Curonian Spit, and discoveries in swamps, forests and groves. Feel white sand pouring between your fingers, hear the touch of oars in a fast-flowing river, climb up to the top of the oldest hill fort, walk barefoot in the dewy grass, experience the ringing silence of ice. Let’s travel together!


We are small – no one is saying we aren’t. But there are so many beautiful places to visit in Lithuania and we have so much to show! First of all, our welcoming hearts. Then our cities, woven with history. The roads leading to the sea, where ships meet. The Curonian Spit, blown by the wind, natural, and so very genuine. The sea-coast, adorned with fishing boats and kiteboards. The refreshing mineral water springs and the pine forests, filled with fragrant air. We just have so much in this little green patch of earth. And you definitely have to see it all.

Health tourism

Take a minute for yourself! Health tourism in Lithuania combines the highest quality service and wonderful nature that allows us to offer a wide range of aesthetic, beauty, and wellness services. Mineral waters, healing mud, Lithuanian herbs and amber are just a few local natural remedies whose healing properties are successfully used by Lithuanian health service providers. In Lithuania, you can quickly regain strength in spas in the big cities or treat yourself to the pleasures of health and beauty oases away from the city’s bustle. Even the environment helps to relax: endless green areas, countless lakes and rivers, a pleasant climate!

Art and culture

From ancient times to now Lithuanian art plays a special role in our hearts. The power of creativity lives inside us and allows us to make steps that lead us further. The sound of breathing may sometimes become music for a film. The wind that blows hair at the sea – song lyrics. A kicked road stone – a sculpture, a friend’s letter sent from a distant place – a piece of painting. Creation does not begin and does not end. It lives inside us, allows us to make steps that we wouldn’t dare to make, counts codes that we couldn’t grasp if not for the power of creativity. There would be no life without creation. There would be no Lithuania that we have at present. That is what makes Lithuanian culture so special.

Lithuanian cuisine

In Lithuania, so much of our food comes from the land – we catch it in our clear lakes and lagoons, hunt it in our forests, harvest it in our fields, and ripen it in our gardens. Then the talented hands of our cooks prepare it all and put it on the table. Lithuanian cuisine is known for its naturalness, for ancient cooking traditions served up in new ways, and for aesthetics, without which no breakfast, lunch or dinner is imaginable. Don’t be surprised if instead of an avocado, you’re served a kohlrabi, or if instead of tuna, you get a piece of local zander. And if for dessert you’re offered a piece of curd cheese pie with nettle filling or red beet jelly! All you have to do is sit down and taste everything in front of you.


We love both active and passive leisure and we do everything with sincerity. Whether it’s on bustling city streets or at a festival in the woods, on a hike through the wetlands or on a race track, in the basket of a hot air balloon or under the sails of a boat, at the seaside or in a tiny village, according to tradition or something completely new, we dive into it head first, racing, competing, and sometimes trying to prove to ourselves and others just how strong we actually are. Join us! Entertainment in Lithuania is waiting for you – there’s a lot of things to do here!

Tourist routes

Set out on a trip around Lithuania with your own tourist routes or ones that we recommend and discover tourist attractions places. You will be surprised how many undiscovered and unexpected places you will see and how many new sensations you will experience!

Memorable places to stay

Lithuanians like to joke that with the person you love or your best friend, the moss of the forest will become the softest place to rest. Nevertheless, if you want your trip around Lithuania to be memorable and comfortable, look for places to stay that are unexpected, modernly equipped, or sometimes just impressive.


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